I just can’t do anything during lockdown

I just can’t do anything during lockdown.

I have heard multiple times throughout the 2 lockdowns – ‘there is nothing to do’, ‘We are not doing anything as we are in lockdown’, ‘it’s so boring not being able to do something’. 

The good news is there is a different way to approach the new world we live in (until the vaccine has taken hold). Try writing a list of all the things you can’t do and throw it in the bin. There is little benefit of looking at these things because we can’t do them. Now for the exciting bit – write a list of all the things you can do and positively chose what you are going to do from this list.

Things my family have on our ‘CAN DO’ list;

  • Explore new places every week 
  • Spend time in nature 
  • Bake
  • Do Christmas crafts
  • Walk with friends (even up to 6!) 
  • Read 
  • Exercise 
  • Podcasts (while exercising is a top combo)

The key takeout here is to take the most uncertain situation into your own hands and do it with conviction. Everyone has a choice on how they respond to external influences and we chose positively!