How to never have a bad day

How are you?

Not bad, could be better.
Glad it’s Friday.
This week has dragged on.
Happy Hump Day.

All of these responses are key signals that people are not making the most of their days. It’s not their fault they might just be thinking about things slightly differently to those with a more positive outlook.

They might be letting external circumstances impact their enjoyment such as bosses, the weather, Covid or general pessimism.

A few key things to consider to make sure you don’t fall into some of those traps;

  • Plan your agenda – do things you want to do
  • Don’t try and do too much – set realistic and achievable daily goals
  • Find learning opportunities in every situation
  • Schedule walks / nature engagement
  • Choose the way you want to feel (positive, loving, care free)
  • Control the news outlets and people you listen to each day and for how long
  • Actively put down devices ana focus on something novel (reading, crafting, writing)

The most important thing to consider is – am I in control of this situation and if the answer is yes you can choose to feel positively towards that part of your day.